IsCiTy Sdn Bhd

ISCiTy was created through the merger of VCT Solutions Sdn Bhd (VCT) and Innovative Springs Sdn Bhd (IS). VCT and IS have been providing MLM System Solutions for more than 5 years. All key persons have more than 10 years experience in MLM software development and operations. Over the years, VCT and IS have produced many loyal and happy customers, with the base in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, the US, Japan and Taiwan. With the merger, we combine the technology, knowledge, ideas and the strength of both companies. We aim to provide the best MLM software in the market with extensive R&D in the latest technology especially in Internet and Mobile. We strongly believe that Internet and Mobile, and Network Marketing are the future trend in business and will make the most powerful and fastest growing business.