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Frequent Asked Questions

Recommender represent an individual who has direct contact on a specific decision maker to provide recommedation to products/services to business owners, in return for a recommendation commision.

Individual who has network of friends, both social and professional. eg : Business Entrepreneurs,CEO, CTO,Senior Sales manager , Senior Sales Exec, Networker, Sales agents, Import Export Agents so forth

You(as recommender), have to liaise with your contact to reply all questions posted by business.

To recommend your contacts, first go to "MARKETPLACE" tab to select product and services relevant to your contacts, then fill up contacts of who you would like to recommend and answer a few questions posted by business owner.

STEPS to recommend

Step 1 : Sign up(1st timer), usingyour email address or facebook account
Step 2 : Got to "Marketplace" TAB, then select product and services relevant to your contacts
Step 3 : Fill up contact information and survey answer questions
Step 4: SUBMIT and wait for business owner reply

 normally within7 -30 days  period upon ACCEPTANCE by business owners. Read the commission guidelines stipulated by business owner ad posting.

HotBounty platform shall collect in advance the recommendation commission  before publishing the business owners’ ad postings. 

The recommendation Commission ,shall be paid via Hotbounty platform to recmmender’s account upon compliying the terms and conditions stipulated by business owner.

NO ! You must register genuine name and contact information as recommender(a.k.a. Hunter), this is to ensure your bank account matches your actual name, when withdrawing your commission received.

It is advisable to ensure answer to questions are liaise with your contact  to avoid inaccuracy which may create dispute. Besides, your contact will feel much comfort if he/she is aware you are recommending his/her name to a business owners.

If you have contact that is looking to buy for product and services, that does not appear in HotBounty marketplace. Inform us  through [email protected], we shall find relevant business owners to post ad with recommedation commission within Hotbounty business community.