Frequent Asked Questions

The definition of BUSINESS is representing business owner or merchant who post ads in Hotbounty platform to generate QUALIFY business leads by offering recommendation commission (BOUNTY) to our recommender community .

QUALIFY - During pre Posting of ad, Hotbounty platform allows business owner to curate QUESTIONNAIRES to evaluate the leads received. Meaning to say, business owner is allow to ACCEPT or DECLINE the business leads receive, upon evaluating the answers from recommender community(HUNTER).

Hotbounty platform furnish business owners with 2 filtering methodologies to allow them to QUALIFY the leads received.

1st filter : Evaluate the answers from questionnaires develop to QUALIFY leads before acceptance of the lead.

2nd filter : To put detail terms & conditions in the GUIDELINES, which allows justification not compliance, even upon ACCEPTANCE of leads. 

Upon determining the specific objective/s, then 2 methods to set benchmark on how much to offer!

Method 1 : Cost of Acquiring New business from previous or existing campaign
Method 2 : Current commission + promotion/incentive offers

then, base on the objective/s and benchmark, Hotbounty consultant shall consult business owner what are the strategies to offer recommendation commission best. 

contact our consultant on Progressive Bounty strategy : email us at : [email protected]

We highly recommend that you offer a small token of appreciation to recommender community upon you validate it is potential customer, then to pay a full commission agreeable by you upon closing the sales at a stipulated timeframe decided by you based on average timeframe of sales cycle.

email to our consultant for more information : [email protected] (we shall revert to you in 2 working days)

Yes! but you have to register as recommender account as an individual, separate account from the Business account. Note : both Business and recommender accounts must have a separate email address.

Yes! business owner pay GST ONLY upon successful leads accepted. 

We encourage business owners to continue those online and offline media that generates leads effectively, nevertheless..Posting Advertisement in Hotbounty is RISK FREE!, hence the is every reason for you to post your product and services in Hotbounty platform.


  • ZERO cost advertisement postings
  • FREE Exposure to our Recommender community (HUNTER)
  • PAY upon you QUALIFY the leads received

We, highly encourage business owners to take this opportunity as this is the only media that is build for businesses to PAY only for result that you wanted!

Nutshell : Post ad in, then do comparison on "COST of  new Acquisition" among multiple media that generates leads in mid and long term!